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Fitbynature - be your best

Now operating in San Francisco.

Exercise is about creating balance in your body and returning it to its optimal function. But it should also be about having fun and getting healthier, faster and stronger along the way. With Fitbynature you will jog, jump, skip, run and push-up your way to a healthier, leaner, fitter you, and all in the great outdoors.


You only get out what you put in – so make sure what you put in is the very best. Just eat real food - organic, simple, whole, the way Nature intended, which will not only have more nutrient value, but will actually be easier for your body to use. Fitbynature is about nourishing yourself into health and fitness rather than punishing, dieting or calorie counting.

Training with Fitbynature, you will regularly learn new exercises with monthly challenges and eight weekly fit testing of your personal benchmarks. We focus on good form, good core and good food. By constantly mixing the elements of fitness in as many combinations and patterns as creativity will allow, with some laughs along the way, your wellbeing will improve and your figure won't be left behind.